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In this lesson, we begin discussing what makes a clue good or bad. This lesson can only serve to start the discussion; it takes an immense amount of experience and writing practice to internalize this lesson. If you’ve only played quizbowl for a year or so, you will struggle with  [ Read More ]

The goal of a tossup is to provide as many helpful clues as possible; the easiest way to make room for more clues is by cutting down on excessive wording that isn’t providing clues! In this lesson, we discuss how wording can be condensed, using two example tossups that were  [ Read More ]

The following is a guide to how NHBB writes its cultural history questions. It’s presented to NHBB writers as a means of explaining the job, and is presented to players more for “how to prepare for NHBB competition” purposes than any sort of real writing lesson. Somewhere between 15 and  [ Read More ]

This lesson discusses what it means for a tossup to be pyramidal and dissects an example tossup.   The word pyramidal is used to invoke the mental image of a pyramid to represent the number of people who can buzz in during the tossup. The lead-in is compared to the  [ Read More ]

Quizbowl questions are meant to be both playable and educational; a player should be able to decide whether to buzz during the tossup and able to learn from the clues presented in the tossup afterwards. Therefore, we don’t want a tossup to just string together a random collection of facts;  [ Read More ]

This beginning lesson introduces how tossups are structured and explains some basic quizbowl terminology used in the later lessons on question writing. It’s a great general introduction to the game of quizbowl, not just for beginning writers!   A tossup question is meant to determine which player knows the most  [ Read More ]

By Brad Fischer, NHBB, Director of Question Production Writing questions serves as an excellent way to improve as a player, as a writer in general, and as a scholar. It exercises all the mental muscles involved in scholarship, especially some that don’t get used in other forms of quizbowl study.  [ Read More ]

Dear Students, Coaches, and Parents, Thank you so much for participating in Saturday’s Northwest Illinois History Bee and Bowl tournament! I’d like to express my deep gratitude to Kristin Strey and Winnebago High School for their hospitality and help throughout the day. Special thanks go to Linda Greene, Mike Laudermith,  [ Read More ]

The National History Bee and Bowl is set to begin its seventh year of history quiz tournaments for students and teams across the USA, and we hope that you and your friends will be able to join us for our largest year ever! We’re planning just about 100 tournaments from  [ Read More ]

The National History Bee and Bowl held its 2018 Greater Knoxville History Bee and Bowl at Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, TN on Saturday, January 27. Congratulations to our Champions! Varsity History Bowl: Oak Ridge A JV History Bowl: Gatlinburg-Pittman Varsity History Bee: Adi Sujithkumar, Oak Ridge Junior  [ Read More ]