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National History Bee and Bowl – Varsity & JV Division Staff

David Madden – Founder and Executive Director

David Madden is the founder and Executive Director of The National History Bee and Bowl. Having played quiz bowl for four years at Ridgewood High School from 1995-1999, college quizbowl for two years at Princeton University, and been involved on a full-time basis overseeing NHBB since 2010, he is well-versed with all the formats, concerns, and issues surrounding academic competition. He is committed to high standards for tournaments, well-written questions, and the growth of academic quiz tournaments throughout the world. He is a former 19-day champion on Jeopardy, a published art historian, and a runner and skier in his (very little) spare time. He was taking courses to become a high school history teacher himself when he had the idea to run a history themed quizbowl tournament. That was the Tri-State History Bowl attended by 34 teams in May 2010. Soon after that, he put his teaching plans on hold to establish The National History Bee and Bowl. Aside from NHBB, he also has established the United States Geography Olympiad and the United States History Bee. Within NHBB, he will also be the Regional Coordinator for Northern New Jersey, Hawaii, and the Mariana Islands for 2015-16, and possibly a few other areas. He is also the founder of the International History Olympiad which debuted in the summer of 2015 and brings together the best history students from around the world. He can be reached at director@historybowl.com

Brad Fischer – Director of Question Production

brad-fischerBrad Fischer is, as of June 2015, The National History Bee and Bowl’s Director of Question Production, where he serves as lead editor for all NHBB question sets, coordinates writer teams, and assists with all other aspects of question production as needed. Brad brings over ten years of experience in the academic competition community to NHBB as a player, tournament director, coach, organizer, and question writer and editor. He is a co-recipient, together with his wife, of the Rob Grierson Friend of Scholastic Bowl Award in Illinois, where he is based in the city of Rockford. He can be reached at brad@historybowl.com


Nolwenn Léon Madden – Executive Director, International History Bee and Bowl

20130824_174554Nolwenn serves as the Executive Director of our international tournaments, or IHBB, helping to establish tournaments throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada as well as the debut of the International History Olympiad in 2015. She has a master’s degree with a concentration in marketing from the French grande école EM Lyon, and has traveled extensively throughout the world in support of IHBB’s operations which coordinates tournaments in 25 countries. Within the USA, Nolwenn also assists with planning and outreach, especially with regards to the National Championships. She can be reached at: nolwenn@historybowl.com

Jason Russell – Director of Outreach

Jason serves as the Director of Outreach for The National History Bee and Bowl. His passion for quiz bowl started at Lee University, and he has been a player, coach, tournament director, writer, editor, and moderator all over the United States for some 30 years. He served in the US Air Force and Air National Guard for ten years and was a two-time Jeopardy champion. He also has a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s in organizational leadership. He strongly believes that quiz bowl develops integral skills in players as well as being a benefit to the schools and communities in which it is played and is committed to seeing the game grow to its fullest potential. He can be reached at jason@historybowl.com.

Mary Russell – Outreach Coordinator

Mary serves as the Outreach Coordinator for The National History Bee and Bowl. She brings broad experience to the role as she has served as a business manager and office manager in multiple organizations and business environments across the USA. Her proudest accomplishments are her four amazing children. She can be reached by email at: mary@historybowl.com



Shravan Balaji – Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator

Shravan is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for NHBB. He is a former champion as a solo team in the Varsity Division of the Northern New Jersey History Bowl (as “Team Millenium Falcon A“…), and is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. His area of responsibility includes Delaware, Pennsylvania and Southern and Western New Jersey. He can be reached at shravan@historybowl.com


Raynell Cooper – Capital & Southeast Regional Coordinator

RAYNELLRaynell Cooper is a graduate student in urban planning at the University of Maryland and a recent graduate of George Washington University, where he majored in geography. He is the Capital and Southeast Regional Coordinator, which gives him primary responsibility for tournaments in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. In 2011, while a student at Richard Montgomery High School, Raynell was a National Quarterfinalist in The National History Bee; and in the same year, he was also the Teen Tournament champion on Jeopardy! He can be reached at raynell@historybowl.com


Marshall Mullins – Heartland Regional Coordinator

marshall-mullinsMarshall is the Heartland Regional Coordinator for NHBB. He has long been active as a director and volunteer in the Missouri and Illinois quiz bowl circuits and has staffed NHBB’s National Championships on several occasions. He is responsible for tournaments in Central Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, West Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado, and he can be reached at marshall@historybowl.com


Niki Peters – Western Regional Coordinator

Niki is the Western Regional Coordinator for NHBB. She is a former quiz bowl and NHBB player at Homestead High School in Sunnyvale, CA and the Treasure Valley Math and Science Academy in Boise, ID and is now an active player and organizer in the Northern California circuit while a junior studying Integrative Biology at the University of California Berkeley. She is responsible for tournaments in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Utah. She can be reached at niki@historybowl.com

Danielle Hobeika – Webmaster

Danielle Hobeika is the chief webmaster for The National History Bowl and the High School Divisions of The National History Bee. She has worked for over ten years as a web designer, and helps to maintain and develop the different websites used by NHBB. Her personal website can be viewed here, which contains her contact information if you are interested in hiring her to work on your projects.