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Congratulations to Treasure Valley Math and Science Center A, the 2014 Champions of the Central Idaho History Bee and Bowl! Our tournament was held on Saturday, December 13 at Boise State University.

Thanks to Colin McNamara for his help with the hosting arrangements and directing the tournament, as well as to everyone who assisted with reading and scorekeeping throughout the day. We hope that the teams who qualified will join us for our National Championships on April 25-26 in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA. Good luck to those who attended in their subsequent tournaments this year, and happy holidays from all of us at NHBB!



December 13, 2014


1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725

Question Set



David Madden


Colin McNamara


  • 1: North Star Charter A
  • 2: North Star Charter B
  • 3: Treasure Valley A
  • 4: Treasure Valley B *