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Varsity Field – Updated on March 4

Notes: Morlan Ranking is where the team ranks if it is listed in Fred Morlan’s latest poll of the top 200 standard (i.e. not just history) high school quiz bowl teams (rankings updated as of 2/11/15). Madden Ranking is David Madden’s ranking of the top Varsity and JV History Bowl teams who have both played at Regionals and registered for Nationals. It will debut once 20 teams have signed up for a division. Teams with a Madden ranking can assume that their ranking will equate to their seed at Nationals unless changes to both occur in the lead-up to 4/25, which will happen frequently as additional teams sign up. Note: If a team qualified at more than one tournament, normally only the first tournament they qualified at will be listed in the results; subsequent tournament results may be posted in the notes line.

School (State) Qualified at Record Prelim Pts. Morlan
Desert Vista A (AZ) Tempe 4-1 1550 Finalist
Desert Vista B (AZ) San Tan Valley 4-1 1150 Semifinalist
Saratoga A (CA) Northern California Fall 5-0 2460 Champion
Score reflects 1 man team; but will be full team at Nationals.
Saratoga B (CA) Northern California Winter 4-0 1300 Semifinalist
Collins Hill (GA) Eastern Georgia 5-0 1850 84 4 Finalist
River Ridge (GA) Eastern Georgia 4-1 1560 Semifinalist
Also semifinalist at Georgia MLK Day.
Savannah Arts Academy (GA) Southern Georgia 2-2 810 Third Place
IMSA (IL) Northern Illinois 5-0 2140 14 1 Champion
Also won Eastern Iowa
Quincy A (MA) Boston Area Fall 3-2 1410 Ninth Place
Quincy B (MA) Massachusetts States 3-2 840 Tenth Place
Phillips Exeter (NH) Massachusetts State 5-0 1610 91 7 Champion
Also Finalist at Boston Area Fall
Tenafly A (NJ) Bergen County 3-2 1130 Quarterfinalist
Tenafly B (NJ) n/a n/a n/a n/a
Division switch from JV
Amherst A (NY) Western New York 2-2 610 Sixth Place
Amherst B (NY) Western New York 1-3 720 Finalist
Qualified through winning a playoff game
Kings Park (NY) Bergen County 4-1 1940 141 5 Champion
North Babylon (NY) Bergen County 5-0 1730 9 Finalist
Plainedge A (NY) Long Island Winter 4-1 1280 Semifinalist
Plainedge B (NY) pending pending pending pending
Shenendehowa (NY) Upper Hudson 3-3 900 Second Place
Team TriBeCa (NY) Lower Hudson 5-0 2250 3 Finalist
Also won Long Island Winter. Solo student team.
Wheatley (NY) Long Island Winter 5-0 1130 Quarterfinalist
Northmont (OH) Western Ohio 5-0 1810 9 2 Champion
Edmond Memorial (OK) Oklahoma 4-0 1590 110 8 Champion
Allderdice (PA) Western Pennsylvania 4-0 1150 Champion
Dorman (SC) Charlotte Area 4-0 1350 26 6 Champion
Saint Albans A (WV) West Virginia Fall 5-0 1260 Quarterfinalist
Saint Albans B (WV) West Virginia Fall 4-0 990 Semifinalist

Junior Varsity Field – Updated on March 4

School (State) Qualified at Record Prelim Pts. Morlan
Los Alamitos (CA) San Diego 4-1 1520 Champion
Team of One Student
Saratoga A (CA) Northern California Fall 5-0 1810 Finalist
Also Champion of Northern California Winter
Saratoga B (CA) Northern California Winter 3-1 1230 Semifinalist
Team Vikshar (CA) Northern California Fall 4-1 1370 Semifinalist
Team of One Student
Cedar Shoals A (GA) Eastern Georgia 4-1 960 Semifinalist
Cedar Shoals B (GA) Eastern Georgia n/a n/a n/a
Division switch from Varsity for Nationals.
Newark Academy High (NJ) Northern New Jersey 3-1 1120 Quarterfinalist
Newark Academy Middle (NJ) Northern New Jersey 4-1 1470 Quarterfinalist
Middle school team.
St. Peter’s Prep (NJ) NJ State Championships 3-2 720 Octofinalist
Tenafly High (NJ) NJ State Championships 4-1 740 Quarterfinalist
North Babylon (NY) pending pending pending pending
St. Mary’s (OR) Oregon 3-2 970 Semifinalist
Alagar Homeschool (PA) Western Pennsylvania 4-0 1010 Champion

Middle School Field – Coming Soon at www.ms.historybowl.com