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Congratulations to the 2017 National Sports and Entertainment History Bee National Champions!

Varsity: Sam Brochin, Hunter College High School, New York, NY
Junior Varsity: William Golden, James E. Taylor High School, Katy, TX

2017 National Sports & Entertainment History Bee Varsity Division Results
2017 National Sports & Entertainment History Bee Junior Varsity Division Results

The 2018 National Sports and Entertainment History Bee’s Varsity and Junior Varsity Divisions will be held on Friday, April 27 from 8:45pm-10:45pm at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA in conjunction with our Junior Varsity and Varsity National Championships.  The cost is $25 and both are open to all students in 12th grade and younger – participation in any of the other National Championships events is not required. There is a separate JV and Varsity division in each (11th and 12th grades compete as Varsity; all others as JV – playing in Varsity if you are younger is not allowed).

For 2018, the Sports and Entertainment Bee will feature 2 preliminary rounds of 40 questions each. Both the JV and Varsity Divisions are capped at 60 players. There will also be a Family and Coaches Division, which will be capped at 20 players. Students competing in the International Geography Bee are not allowed to compete, as the IGB finals will run concurrently. For 2018, the Sports and Entertainment Bee will NOT be broken into separate two separate competitions with one on Sports and one on Entertainment, but rather will feature both Sports and Entertainment in roughly equal amounts.

The rules of the National Sports History Bee and National Entertainment History Bee in the prelims are mostly the same as the rules for National History Bee, except the Sports & Entertainment Bee rounds (there are 2 prelims) have 40 questions, not 30 or 35. The bonus point system works as follows:

Out on question 10: 7 bonus points, score of 15
Out on question 11-12: 6 bonus points, score of 14
Out on question 13-15: 5 bonus points, score of 13
Out on question 16-20: 4 bonus points, score of 12
Out on question 21-25: 3 bonus points, score of 11
Out on question 26-30: 2 bonus points, score of 10
Out on question 16-20: 1 bonus point, score of 9
Out on question 36-40: 0 bonus points, score of 8

In the final round, featuring the top 10 students in each division (sudden victory questions will be used to determine the last playoff spot(s) if needed) we will use the Nationals Bee Playoffs Scoring System for scoring. 30 questions will be played. A student can win with a score of 40; if no one has reached 40 by question 30, then the highest point total wins, or sudden victory playoff questions are played. Ties are broken for all final position spots.
In the Family and Coaches Division, the top 6 players will make the playoffs. 30 questions will be played using the usual point system, and someone can win (or take 2nd or 3rd) outright by reaching 8 points. Otherwise, after question 30, the highest point total wins. In this Division, the top 3 spots only will played played off if tied after 30 questions.

Question Distribution for the 2018 Varsity & Junior Varsity National Sports and Entertainment History Bee.
This will be posted here by early 2018.

Question Distribution for the 2017 Varsity & Junior Varsity National Sports and Entertainment History Bee: Please access this file to see a distribution of the categories of the questions that was used in 2017



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