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Dear Students, Coaches, and Parents,

Thank you so much for participating in Saturday’s Northwest Illinois History Bee and Bowl tournament! I’d like to express my deep gratitude to Kristin Strey and Winnebago High School for their hospitality and help throughout the day. Special thanks go to Linda Greene, Mike Laudermith, Luke Wigtil, and all of our team-provided volunteer moderators and scorekeepers for making this tournament go.

Congratulations to Auburn for winning the Varsity Bowl, and to Keith Country Day for winning the Junior Varsity Bowl! In the Bee, congratulations to Jordan Kilmer of Byron for winning the Varsity Bee, Kodai Speich of Auburn for winning the Junior Varsity Bee, and Ethan Strombeck of Auburn for winning the Open Bee in overtime over Kevin Kodama of PGSW. I hope everyone enjoyed the competitions; if you have any feedback on the running of the tournament or the questions, please let me know. I’ve attached the full statistics reports for the Bee, Bowl, and the qualifying exams to this e-mail.

In the Bowl, any team with a 2-2 record or better in the prelims qualified for Nationals, as did any team that won a playoff game. In the Bee and the qualifying exams, the top 50% of each field qualified for Nationals. Students who finished outside the top half of the field in the qualifying exam may still qualify later in the year, when the national median score is calculated; anyone above that cutoff score qualifies for Nationals as well. If you do qualify via the NMS, we will e-mail you.

In addition, students with a score of 75 or better on the Geography exam qualify for the International Geography Bee World Championships, and the students on the champion Bowl teams (Auburn and Keith Country Day A) and students placing in the top 25% of the V and JV divisions of the History Bee (in either the prelims or finals) qualify for the International History Olympiad! These events are held in Berlin in Summer 2018. Congratulations to our qualifiers!

Nationals registration for all events is open at this page! All events take place on the weekend of April 27-29 in Arlington, Virginia & Washington DC, and are a phenomenal experience that I highly recommend. I would love to see you there – and at our upcoming regular season events! We have two nearby venues for B Set – Greater Milwaukee on January 13th at Greenfield HS and Greater Rockford on March 31st at Belvidere HS – and two venues for A Set – the Illinois State Championships at Loyola Academy on February 3rd and the Wisconsin State Championships at Williams Bay School on March 3rd.

Thank you again for a great tournament on Saturday!

2016-17 Academic Year Champions

Varsity History Bowl: Sussex Hamilton
Junior Varsity History Bowl: Keith Country Day

Varsity History Bee: Dominic Pino, Sussex Hamilton
Junior Varsity History Bee: Matthew Lee, Dunlap



December 16, 2017


200 E McNair Rd, Winnebago, IL 61088

Question Set



Marshall Mullins


Kristin Strey


  • 8:00
    Doors Open, Check-In Begins
  • 8:30
    Please Arrive By This Time!
  • 8:40
    Opening Meeting
  • 9:00
    History Bowl Round 1
  • 9:30
    History Bowl Round 2
  • 10:00
    History Bowl Round 3
  • 10:30
    History Bee Opening Meeting
  • 10:45
    History Bee Round 1
  • 11:15
    History Bee Round 2
  • 11:45
    History Bee Round 3
  • 12:15
    Lunch / US Geography Olympiad / US History Bee Qualifying Exam
  • 1:15
    History Bowl Round 4
  • 1:45
    History Bowl Round 5
  • 2:15
    History Bee Finals
  • 2:45
    History Bowl Quarterfinals (Varsity)
  • 3:15
    History Bowl Semifinals
  • 3:45
    History Bowl Finals
  • 4:30


  • 1: Winnebago A
  • 2: Winnebago B *
  • 3: Richmond Burton
  • 4: Newman Central Catholic
  • 5: Keith Country Day A *
  • 6: Keith Country Day B #
  • 7: Williams Bay A
  • 8: Williams Bay B
  • 9: Williams Bay C
  • 10: Williams Bay D
  • 11: Williams Bay E *
  • 12: Williams Bay F *
  • 13: Jefferson A
  • 14: Jefferson B
  • 15: Auburn
  • 16: Byron A
  • 17: Byron B *
  • 18: Durand A
  • 19: Durand B *
  • 20: Durand C #
  • 21: Durand D #
  • 22: Moline
  • 23: Dwight Township
  • 24: Team Pine Garden Stream Woods