North Texas

The National History Bee and Bowl is delighted to announce that the 2013 North Texas History Bee and Bowl will be held at Trinity School of Texas in Longview. The date has now been set for Saturday, March 23. For further questions, please contact the Tournament Coordinator.
Also, during the lunch break, interested students will have an opportunity to compete in the Regional Qualifying Exam for the United States Geography Challenge. This consists of a 50 question multiple choice test; students who place in the top half at their site, or in the top half overall nationally, can compete in the National Championships of the US Geography Challenge on Friday, April 26 in Arlington, VA, before the National Championships of the National History Bee and Bowl begins. The top four students in the Varsity (i.e. born prior to July 1, 1997) will get a chance to compete at the International Geography Olympiad in Kyoto, Japan next summer. For further details, see
Thanks for your interest in our tournament, and we hope to see you at Trinity in March!

Note: During the lunch break, the United States Geography Olympiad National Qualifying Exam will be offered for any interested students. The cost is $10 and no prior registration is required – simply be at the school at the time listed below. For further information, please see or email

Note #2: Please note that the schedule as listed below is subject to change, especially if significantly more or fewer teams attend than we anticipate. For now, please consider the schedule up to date, though check back a few days before the tournament for the final schedule. Note that if changes are made, they are far more likely to affect the end time rather than the start time of the tournament.

Date March 23, 2013
Registration Deadline March 21, 2013 7:00pm EST
Address 215 North Teague Street Longview, TX
Question Set C
Coordinator Greg Bossick
Director TBA
Schedule of Events
8:00Doors Open, Check-In Begins
8:35Please Arrive By This time!
8:45Opening Meeting
9:10History Bowl Round 1
9:50History Bowl Round 2
10:25History Bowl Round 3
11:05History Bee Opening Meeting
11:25History Bee Round 1
11:50History Bee Round 2
12:15History Bee Round 3
12:35Lunchbreak / US Geography Olympiad Qualifying Exam
1:45History Bowl Round 4
2:25History Bowl Round 5
3:05History Bee Finals
3:50History Bowl Semifinals / JV Finals
4:30History Bowl Finals
  1. Trinity A
  2. Trinity B
* denotes junior varsity
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