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Welcome to the Registration page for Regional & State Varsity and Junior Varsity tournaments for The National History Bee and Bowl, the US Geography Olympiad/International Geography Bee, and the US History Bee!

Registration is now open for tournaments for the 2016-2017 school year that have a finalized date. Prices for competing at Regional and State tournaments are the same for this school year as they have been the past few years. Please note that registration and participation in The National History Bee and Bowl implies the acceptance of the following policies.
In particular, please note our policy on signing up with sufficient lead time in advance of tournaments:

A. Registration for History Bowl teams (regardless of team size) are subject to an additional $10 penalty if made less than 8 days in advance of a tournament (i.e. to avoid this penalty, you need to register by the end of the Friday that’s a week and a day before a Saturday tournament).

B. Registrations fewer than 5 days in advance (i.e. after the end of the Monday the week before a Saturday event) are only allowed by emailing the Tournament Coordinator for the tournament and seeing if it is still possible. At this point, registration is no longer guaranteed, and if it is possible, a $20 per team surcharge will apply regardless of team size.
Check the tournament website by clicking on the dot on the map, zooming in if needed, for the coordinator’s email address.

C. There is also a $25 fee, regardless of team size, for not bringing a registered team if the cancellation occurs fewer than 5 days in advance; if this means a team no longer can attend, the fee must be paid prior to the next NHBB event they do attend.

D. There is no penalty for dropping in team size (e.g. from 3 students @ $75 to 2 students @ $50) at any point.

The above only applies to History Bowl teams. The National History Bee, and the National Qualifying Exams for the US Geography Olympiad and US History Bee still do not require advance registration, permit same-day sign-ups, and have no cancellation fees.

F. Online Registration is REQUIRED for the Bowl, but not for the National History Bee, US History Bee, or US Geography Olympiad/International Geography Bee. (Registration for those events can be done on-site).

G. Schools are required to bring at least one coach/parent/other adult in order to read and keep score or pay a $50 penalty fee. Schools must bring one reader for every two teams they bring, with a minimum of one reader per school. Penalty fees are assessed by school, but vary by number of teams; i.e. a school with 3 teams and no reader pays $100 in penalty fees. Please do not make us have to enforce this rule! Note that “teams” of 1 student are exempt from having to bring a reader, and teams of 2 can have this fee waived, but only if they email the Tournament Coordinator at least 5 days in advance, and the Tournament Coordinator explicitly allows it. Teams of 2 students should otherwise plan on bringing a reader or paying the penalty fee as well.

H. You do not have to have your rosters finalized, nor do you have to specify which students are doing the Bee, US History Bee, or US Geography Olympiad/International Geography Bee until the morning of the tournament.

I. Teams do not need official school approval and are permitted to register using a pseudonym if this would help facilitate their participation. However, all teams must consist of students from the same school, even if the school is not sponsoring the team. The only exceptions to this are 1) our homeschool policy and 2) non-magnet public high schools may have students from their feeder middle schools play together with their students on a team.

J. Registration for the Bowl will not be accepted via email or any other means unless it’s after the deadline, and you are emailing the tournament coordinator to see if space is still available. Otherwise all Bowl teams must register at this website.

K. An official invoice and confirmation will be emailed to you upon submission.

L. Payment must be made via check (made payable to “National History Bee and Bowl”) or cash the day of the tournament. Please refer to the pricing structure below. For all tournaments, all payments MUST be made at the tournament site – we do not accept payments sent by mail in advance!

M. You may write one check to cover all fees for the Bowl, Bee, and US History Bee. All fees for the US Geography Olympiad/International Geography Bee should be separate and made out to “United States Geography Olympiad”, or be made in cash. Note that the same Exam is used for both the International Geography Bee and the United States Geography Olympiad.

N. Teams may consist of 1-6 students. Discounts will be given for teams consisting of only one or two students; these teams play for $25 or $50 respectively.

O. For any questions pertaining to registration matters, contact the Tournament Coordinator for the State or Regional Bowl that you are planning on attending.  To see who is the coordinator for the tournament you wish to attend, please click on the dot on the map on the main page of the site (zoom in if needed).

P. IMPORTANT! We have a specific set of policies regarding late payment of fees. Please read them here! Registering and participating in our tournaments means that you have contractually accepted the late fee policy. Please note that the close-in registration fees regarding registration after 8 days before a tournament are in addition to the fees for not paying on time!

School Information

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Primary Advisor or Parent

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Bowl Information

Varsity ($75 per team)
Junior Varsity ($75 per team)
Middle School ($75 per team)

Number of Buzzers (-$5 per system brought)
Two Person Teams (-$25)
Single Person Teams (-$50)

National History Bee

The National History Bee is a buzzer-based event for individuals held before lunch. More information about the National History Bee can be found here.

US History Bee

The US History Bee Regional Qualifying Exam is a 50-question multiple choice test administered during lunch. More information about the US History Bee can be found here.

US Geography Olympiad

The US Geography Olympiad Regional Qualifying Exam is a 50-question multiple choice test administered during lunch. More information about the US Geography Olympiad can be found here.

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