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Welcome to the Registration page for The National History Bowl! Registration is now open for tournaments for the 2014-2015 school year that have a finalized date. Please note that registration and participation in The National History Bowl implies the acceptance of the following policies:

1. Online Registration is REQUIRED for the Bowl; you must register by 6pm Eastern Time on the Wednesday before the Saturday tournament in which you plan on competing. If you wish to compete, but can only give us confirmation that you can come on the Thursday or Friday before the tournament, please email the Tournament Coordinator for that event to see if this is still possible.
2. Schools are required to bring at least one coach/parent/other adult in order to read and keep score or pay a $50 penalty fee. Schools bringing three or four teams must bring two readers/scorekeepers; schools bringing five or more teams must bring three readers/scorekeepers. Penalty fees are assessed by school, but vary by number of teams; i.e. a school with 3 teams and no reader pays $100 in penalty fees. Please do not make us have to enforce this rule!
3. When schools register students for the Bee, they do not have to specify which students will be competing on their teams.
4. Teams do not need official school approval and are permitted to register using a pseudonym if this would help circumvent useless bureaucracy. However, all teams must consist of students from the same school, even if the school is not sponsoring the team. The only exceptions to this are 1) our homeschool policy – see link on left and 2) non-magnet public high schools may have students from their feeder middle schools play together with their students on a team.
5. Registration is only available online through this site; you will receive an official invoice with a confirmation number at the email address you provide.
6. Payment┬ámust be made via check (made payable to “National History Bee and Bowl”) or cash the day of the tournament. Regional and state tournaments still cost $75 per team for the 2014-2015 year, with a $5 buzzer discount per system that you bring.
For all tournaments in the October 2014-March 2015 competition season, all payments MUST be made at the tournament site – we do not accept payments sent by mail in advance!
You CAN write out one check for your total for both the Bee and Bowl though the registrations and invoices are processed separately.
7. If you know in advance you will have just 2 students on a team, you can play for $50, rather than $75. If you know in advance you will have just 1 student on a team, that student can play for $25. This registration form does not have an option to select that, so if you need a revised invoice reflecting the amounts for teams of 1 or 2 students, please contact
8. For any questions pertaining to registration matters, contact the Tournament Coordinator for the State or Regional Bowl that you are planning on attending. A list of Tournament Coordinators and their emails can be found here.
9. IMPORTANT! We have a specific set of policies regarding late payment of fees. Please read them here! Registering and participating in our tournaments means that you have contractually accepted the late fee policy.

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