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Dear NHBB & USGO/IGB Students, Coaches, Parents, and Teams,

Thanks for coming to the 2018 Wisconsin History Bee and Bowl State Championships at Williams Bay High School last Saturday! Thanks to everyone who assisted with reading and scorekeeping throughout the day, Jamar Gaddis for his help as assistant director, and to Deb Soplanda for her help with the hosting arrangements.

Congratulations to Team Churchill in the Varsity and Williams Bay E in the JV for winning the titles in the History Bowl! Congratulations also go to Joe Shepherd from Team Churchill and Gen Paur of Williams Bay for their victories in the Varsity and JV History Bees! I hope that you and your students enjoyed the competition; if you have any feedback on how things went or questions about the day, please just let me know.

Please note that any team with a .500 record or above in the prelims or a playoff win qualifies for Nationals. Students who finish in the top half in the Bee prelims in their division qualify for Nationals there as well. Students on champion Bowl teams and those in the top 25% of the Bee (either in prelims or overall) qualify for the 2018 International History Olympiad next summer in Berlin (July 14-22). Students scoring a 75 or above on the IGB/USGO exam also qualify for the 2018 International Geography Bee World Championships in Berlin (July 11-17).

The stats have also been posted to our respective websites. Information on Nationals for the US History Bee and the United States Geography Olympiad / International Geography Bee for those who qualified, is available on those websites. For those who didn’t qualify, the B Set and C Set tournaments provide additional chances to do so (the Wisconsin tournament ran on A Set).

Our 2018 National Championships will be held on April 27-29 in April in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC. We hope to see you all there! Registration for Nationals is now open here through early April. Upcoming area tournaments also include the following:

1. Minnesota Spring, Saturday, April 7, Burnsville HS, Burnsville, MN(B Set)
2. Greater Rockford, Saturday, March 31, Belvidere High School, Belvidere, IL(B Set)

Thanks for your continued support of our competitions, and best of luck at all your remaining competitions this year!

Best regards,
Marshall Mullins

2016-17 Academic Year Champions

Varsity History Bowl: Sussex Hamilton
Junior Varsity History Bowl: Prospect

Varsity History Bee: Dominic Pino, Sussex Hamilton
Junior Varsity History Bee: Joe Shepherd, Prospect



March 03, 2018


500 W Geneva St, Williams Bay, WI 53191

Question Set



Marshall Mullins


Marshall Mullins


  • 8:00
    Doors Open, Check-In Begins
  • 8:30
    Please Arrive By This Time!
  • 8:45
    Opening Meeting
  • 9:00
    History Bowl Round 1
  • 9:30
    History Bowl Round 2
  • 10:00
    History Bowl Round 3
  • 10:30
    History Bee Opening Meeting
  • 10:45
    History Bee Round 1
  • 11:15
    History Bee Round 2
  • 11:45
    History Bee Round 3
  • 12:15
    Lunch / US Geography Olympiad / US History Bee Qualifying Exam
  • 1:15
    History Bowl Round 4
  • 1:55
    History Bowl Round 5
  • 2:35
    History Bee Finals
  • 3:15
    History Bowl Varsity Quarterfinals and JV Semifinals
  • 3:55
    History Bowl Varsity Semifinals and JV Finals
  • 4:35
    History Bowl Varsity Finals
  • 5:30


  • 1: Williams Bay A
  • 2: Williams Bay B
  • 3: Williams Bay C
  • 4: Williams Bay D
  • 5: Williams Bay E *
  • 6: Williams Bay F *
  • 7: Team Churchill A
  • 8: Greenfield A
  • 9: Greenfield B
  • 10: Greenfield C
  • 11: Verona A
  • 12: Verona B *
  • 13: University School of Milwaukee
  • 14: Whitnall A
  • 15: Whitnall B
  • 16: D.C. Everest
  • 17: Henning Family Homeschool