Dear National Championships Participants,

Greetings from NHBB/USGO/IGB! We’re getting close to Nationals weekend – here’s your next update (shorter than the last email).

This email will then be followed by General Email # 3 on Thursday morning, which will have the “Where you need to go and when you need to be there” details, along with links to the draws for all events other than the National History Bee (for Sunday). The National History Bee draw will be sent out late Thursday along with a few last minute updates and reminders in General Email #4, and then that will be it from me by email until after Nationals.

Having said that, you cannot go wrong if you are in the lobby of the Crystal Gateway Marriott by the following times for the following events (the times listed below are all 25-30 minutes before the start). We will make announcements throughout the lobby at these times telling everyone to go to their game rooms, and have further details on hand in terms of where everyone has to go which will be available at the help desk at the top of the main escalator in the lobby.

  1. US History Bee 7:30am on Friday
  2. US Geography Olympiad 12:15pm on Friday
  3. International Geography Bee 4:45pm on Friday
  4. Opening Ceremonies – 6:45pm on Friday
  5. National Sports and Entertainment History Bee – 8:15pm on Friday

(or, just be in the Arlington Ballroom for the Opening Ceremonies, that’s fine too

6. National History Bowl7:15 am if you are playing off site (see Email #3 on Thursday to check if you are; this impacts 18 JV teams only in the morning), otherwise, 8:15am on Saturday. For the Bowl, only, though, you MUST sign in between 3pm and 10:30pm on Friday, or between 7 and 8:00am on Saturday if you aren’t arriving before then. You must indicate on the survey if you request a Saturday check in!

7. National History Bee / Consolation Bee7:30 am on Sunday

Also, If you did not get the first email (in most cases, this is because you registered after it went out, or someone told me to add you to the email list after the first email was sent) the full text of that email (with a few modifications where needed) has been posted to our website here. Please read it through in full!

Okay, with that out of the way, on to the updates and specific announcements:

  1. Filling out survey – Please do so here asap if you haven’t yet!

Aside from the hotel question, everything else on the survey is very important too, especially the following:

  1. We need to know who is a small school by our definition (Our small school definition is (taken from defined as a non-magnet, non-selective public school with 1000 or fewer students in 9-12 or 800 in 10-12. For middle schools, fewer than 800 in any 3 grades is sufficient
  2. If you have anyone competing in the Bee play in game (for anyone who hasn’t qualified in the Bee, would like to play on Sunday, and hasn’t yet played both B and A Set), they need to be registered through the survey. The play in game is free – you need to be at the hotel by 8pm to compete.

2. History Bowl Teams – Still 1 Opening in the Varsity Draw!
We’re still looking for one more team to round out the Varsity History Bowl Draw! If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity if you have 7+ students on one team at Nationals, or if you are a solo player. Current costs are $495 for a team of 3+ students, $290 for a team of 2, and $95 for a solo team (these amounts only apply to teams responding to this appeal, not to prior registrants). Note that JV students are welcome to play in the Varsity Bowl – even as a solo team!

3. Confirming Event Participation

As far as I know, everything in the attached file that shows all registrations on the main page and specific competing students on the other tabs is up to date with all the changes people have sent me adjusted as needed. However, please double check once more if everything is correct, especially regarding the number of teams and their divisions! The Teams Coming to Nationals Page has also been updated to reflect all changes – check there for your Bowl teams too. We can adjust for individual events still if needed, but the Bowl is effectively locked in, and extremely difficult to adjust.

Please then email me at asap this morning with any remaining changes and grades for those students missing them asap so I can adjust accordingly!

4. / Contacting Us

With the sole exceptions of adjustments to the number of participants in an event, the number of buzzers you’re bringing, age division switches, letting me know the grades of your students, or responding to specific personal emails I have sent you, from noon today EDT onwards, all Nationals related questions should be directed to We are checking this email very frequently, and will respond very quickly to all inquiries directed here.

For phone inquiries, we will send you a number in the Thursday email, though note that a) we always respond much quicker to emails and b) I do not currently have access to my usual number of 201 661 3524, so please do not call that, text that, or leave messages there – they will not be responded to

5. Sports and Entertainment Bee – Currently Closed for Registrations

There are still a few spots in the Sports and Entertainment Bee left, but these can no longer be registered for online. The remaining spots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on Friday morning at the help desk until 6pm on Friday. Contact Sports and Entertainment Bee Tournament Director, Mr. Robin Richards at if you have questions on this competition

6. Staff

If you are staffing, please contact Jason Russell at with Staff related questions. Official room assignments for each competition will be given at Staff Check In (separate from team check in).

7. Press Release

A press release for forwarding to local media, school newspapers, family members, etc. is attached to this email. Press inquiries should likewise be directed to

8. Buzzer Sales

We have 10 new buzzer systems that we have ordered from Anderson, that we are selling for the discounted price of $200. Otherwise, with shipping, an Anderson system costs $230-$250 or so, so this is a great way to get a new system if you want one. Buzzers can be paid for by cash or check at the help desk; email if you’re interested in reserving one – first come, first served. They can be picked up any time after 8pm Saturday. Limit 1 per school until Friday evening, if they haven’t all been asked for by then.

9. Souvenirs

We will once again be selling souvenirs so please bring some pocket money if you’d like a commemoration of your time competing at Nationals!

10. Refunds

Again, to clarify, at this point, no refunds are possible for students who henceforth drop out of individual events, or teams who drop out of the Bowl, as it’s a major inconvenience for us, now that the draws are being set.

Safe travels, and I’ll be in touch on Thursday morning with Email #3.

Best regards,

David Madden