As The National History Bee and Bowl continue to grow, we are always seeking talented and motivated people to help us grow and oversee our competitions. If you are interested in helping us out in any of the following capacities, please contact us at unless otherwise noted. Thanks!

Reader at Regional Tournaments – If you are interested in helping us staff our regional tournaments as a question reader, please let us know. This position is usually unpaid, though we are happy to reimburse readers for travel expenses and cover lunch. Many of our higher level staff members initially began helping us out in this way.

Reader at National Championships – We are likewise always interested in finding readers for our high school National Championships and our Elementary and Middle School National Championships. It is helpful, though not always necessary, to have prior experience in reading at regional events before staffing Nationals. Varsity and Junior Varsity Nationals staff members typically have their travel covered in full (at least up to $300) to our National Championships in Washington, DC & Arlington, VA. If you are a full time college or graduate students are able to reach the Nationals site for under $200, you are allowed to keep the balance in cash. Nationals staff members also receive free hotel rooms and a food allowance while helping us out. Middle School and Elementary School Nationals staff members are also sought, and are also reimbursed on a case by case basis.
Please contact us at if you are interested in staffing any of our National Championships.

Tournament Director – Tournament directors run our Regional tournaments throughout the USA and are typically compensated in the $150-$250 range depending on how large the tournament they oversee is. Our Tournament Coordinators explain the directing process to the directors in the weeks leading up to the event. Tournament Directors are responsible for overseeing the tournaments as they happen, including leading the opening meetings, collecting payments, tallying scores, and reading the final rounds. Tournament Directors then can move on to become Tournament Coordinators or take higher level positions if interested. Many directors only direct once or twice a year, which is fine.

Regional Coordinator – While Tournament Directors handle everything on tournament day, Regional Tournament Coordinators handle all of the coordination in the weeks leading up to a tournament, and then handle communication with participants and the host school after it. Coordinators typically handle at least 10 tournaments a year, and help make sure everything runs smoothly. They must be very quick to answer emails and communicate with NHBB full time staff, the host school, and participants alike.

Question Writer – Our tournaments can’t exist without questions, so we need a large team of writers to produce our sets! Typically, we pay between $3.75 and $5.25 per standard tossup question, depending on experience and other factors. Prospective writers should send 5 sample tossup questions and a description of their playing and writing experience to Students who compete are welcome to write as well. We will make sure that your questions are never used at tournaments in which you could potentially compete; they will be stockpiled until after you graduate or used in different age divisions.

Full-time Staff Member – Have you considered a career in the burgeoning academic competition industry? While experience with history and academic competitions are helpful, even more important factors in hiring include personal reliability, attention to detail, being comfortable traveling and in front of crowds, and excellent people skills. If you think you have what it takes, please send your resume to along with a cover letter stating the reasons for your interest, particularly relevant experience, and what aspects of work (e.g. directing, coordinating, question writing, organizational development, outreach, etc.) you are most interested in.