State and Regional History Bowls will be held throughout the USA from October 2013-March 2014. Information on competitions will be posted on an ongoing basis, as we schedule tournaments, as teams register, and after the tournaments take place. Once a tournament is listed as “Definite and Scheduled” on the map below, you can register for it. Tournaments marked solely “Definite” will (as the designation implies) take place, but are still in the process of having their date and location finalized. Also, note that in terms of qualifying for Nationals, all tournaments work equally – there is no difference between tournaments considered State Championships and those which are considered Regionals. Likewise, any school can attend a “State” tournament – there is no need to qualify at a Regional in advance. At the discretion of the Executive Director, any planned tournament site can be canceled with all registration fees refunded if a site fails to attract at least 6 teams (not schools).

Map of State & Regional Bowl Sites


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Note: If you don’t see a nearby site but would still be interested in hosting, please contact the Executive Director at to inquire further. Lists subject to change.