2017 National Championships – General Email #3: Where You Need To Go at Nationals and When You Need to Be There!

Dear Students, Coaches, Parents, and Teams! Welcome to Nationals! This is the penultimate email from me until after Nationals finishes; a brief General Email #4 will go out within the next 24 hours with some final announcements, including, most notably, the draw for Sunday's National History Bee. Below are four very brief announcements, then the important where you need to go and when you need to be there information, [...]

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2017 National Championships – General Email #2

Dear National Championships Participants, Greetings from NHBB/USGO/IGB! We're getting close to Nationals weekend - here's your next update (shorter than the last email). This email will then be followed by General Email # 3 on Thursday morning, which will have the "Where you need to go and when you need to be there" details, along with links to the draws for all events other than the National History Bee [...]

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2017 National Championships – General Email #1

Thank you for registering for the 2017 National History Bee & Bowl / US History Bee / US Geography Olympiad / International Geography Bee / National Sports and Entertainment Bee National Championships! We're just a week away from the start of the big weekend in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA on April 20-23, and I wanted to check in with a number of updates on various matters. I apologize [...]

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National Championships Registration Deadline Extended to April 8 for History Bowl, Individual Events Deadline Stays on April 12

The National History Bee and Bowl is gearing up for its 7th Annual Varsity and JV National Championships – now just 1 month away from April 21-23! To help teams with their planning, we’ve pushed back the registration deadline to April 8 for the National History Bowl. The deadline for all individual events will remain on April 12. Be sure to visit the registration page to register for all [...]

2017-03-21T18:24:49-04:00March 21st, 2017|

NHBB Announces Launch of The International Geography Bee!

The National History Bee and Bowl is delighted to announce the launch of the International Geography Bee, a new, worldwide geography quiz competition for primary and secondary students! Within the USA, the International Geography Bee effectively replaces the “Quiz Bowl tournament” portion of the US Geography Olympiad National Championships. The USGO Quiz Bowl Tournament had been held for the past four years at the Varsity and Junior Varsity level. [...]

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NHBB Welcomes Jason Russell as New Director of Outreach and Mary Russell as Outreach Coordinator!

Jason Russell, NHBB's Director of Outreach The National History Bee and Bowl is pleased to announce that Jason Russell, of Chattanooga, TN, has been hired as NHBB's new full-time Director of Outreach. Jason brings thirty years of involvement in academic competition to his new position, which will allow NHBB to more effectively expand and develop its competitions for students throughout the USA. Specifically, Jason will be primarily [...]

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“Description Acceptable” Tossups

Beginning with NHBB Nationals 2015-16, some NHBB tossups began to appear with a pre-tossup notice of "Description acceptable." While the notice only began to appear at Nationals in April 2016, tossups that functioned in a similar manner have been part of NHBB and general quizbowl for many years. As head editor, I've been using (or not using) that notice in a particular way; I think it's worth explaining the [...]

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NHBB Begins Its Seventh Year in Record-Setting Fashion!

The National History Bee and Bowl's seventh season is off and running! As of November 21, twelve tournaments have taken place throughout the USA, with hundreds of students and teams having had a chance to compete on our C Set of questions. Highlights have included a stunning 620 point single game score from Naperville North at the Northern Illinois History Bowl which is an all-time National History Bowl record! [...]

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What Makes a Good Clue?

In this lesson, we begin discussing what makes a clue good or bad. This lesson can only serve to start the discussion; it takes an immense amount of experience and writing practice to internalize this lesson. If you’ve only played quizbowl for a year or so, you will struggle with this in your early writing. If you’ve played quizbowl for a long time, you might be used to judging [...]

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