Congratulations to the 2015 National Quiz Bowl Award Winners!

Since 2012, The National History Bee and Bowl has sponsored the National Quiz Bowl Awards which recognize outstanding achievement among middle and high school players and coaches in all-subject quiz bowl (i.e. including subjects aside from just history). The 2015 National Quiz Bowl Awards were presented on Sunday, June 14 at the awards banquet of the National All-Star Academic Tournament at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. Congratulations [...]

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NHBB Welcomes Brad Fischer as its New Director of Question Production!

The National History Bee and Bowl is delighted to announce that Brad Fischer, of Rockford, IL has been named its Director of Question Production and Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator, effective immediately. Brad brings years of distinguished experience to NHBB and will be assisting us primarily with all aspects of question production, including writing, editing, packetization, and coordination of writer teams. He will also be spearheading the production for the [...]

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Congratulations to our 2015 National Champions!

The National History Bee and Bowl held its 5th annual Varsity & Junior Varsity National Championships on April 24-26, 2015 in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA. With over 1000 students in attendance, representing 246 teams in the National History Bowl (156 Varsity, 90 Junior Varsity), 380 students in the National History Bee (193 Varsity, 187 Junior Varsity), and 194 students in the US History Bee (102 Varsity, 92 Junior [...]

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Results for the 2015 National History Bee & Bowl

Congratulations to our 2015 Varsity & Junior Varsity National Champions! Saratoga High School, Saratoga, CA- National History Bowl, Varsity Division Hunter College High School, New York City, NY - National History Bowl, JV Division Advanced Math & Sci. Acad., Marlborough, MA - National History Bowl, Varsity Small School Hewlett High School, Hewlett, NY - National History Bowl, Junior Varsity Small School Bruce Lou, Saratoga High School, Saratoga, CA - [...]

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Update for Nationals Participants: Email 2

Dear National History Bee and Bowl, US Geography Olympiad, & US History Bee Participants, Coaches, Parents, and Advisers, We’re just one week away from the big weekend in Arlington and Washington, DC and we wanted to check in with an update on some brief points before sending along a more extensive email which will go out on either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week with final details, including the [...]

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Update for Nationals Participants: Email 1

2015 USGO NQQT qualifiers 2015 USHB Nationals Qualifications - Final Dear National History Bee & Bowl, US History Bee, & US Geography Olympiad National Championships Participants! Thank you for signing up for the 2015 National History Bee & Bowl / US History Bee / US Geography Olympiad National Championships! We're two weeks away from the big weekend in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA on April 24-26, and I wanted [...]

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NHBB Nationals Registration Closed: 4 JV Filler Teams Sought

NHBB's 2015 Nationals Field has closed at 156 Varsity Teams and 86 Junior Varsity Teams. Due to the need for a multiple of 6 teams per division, we are seeking 4 Junior Varsity teams to round out the draw. You do not need to have played at NHBB this year to sign up. Please email us at if you are interested. The list of attending teams can be [...]

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Nationals Registration Deadline Extended To April 13 & Wild Card / Filler / Standby Team Info Available

The National History Bee and Bowl and the US Geography Olympiad have extended their Nationals registration deadline through 11:59pm EDT on Monday, April 13. After this date, there is no guarantee that your registration will be accepted, especially for the National History Bowl, for which we will then begin looking for filler teams and wild card teams to round out the draw as needed. Note that this policy holds [...]

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“Crunch Time” – And the merciful end of it…

Paris - 25 March, 2015 Each year, NHBB and our international counterpart, IHBB, organize over 200 tournaments in over 20 countries around the world. The overwhelming majority of these run in a 12 week period from January 5-March 25 that is affectionately known to NHBB staff simply as "Crunch Time". During this period, for NHBB's 6 current full-time staff members, there are no off days, and 16+ hour work [...]

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Nationals Registration Runs Through Monday, April 13 – Sign up today!

The National History Bee and Bowl, US History Bee, and US Geography Olympiad will be holding their 2015 National Championships in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA from April 24-26! If you have qualified for any Nationals events, we'd be delighted if you can join us for an amazing weekend of competition against the best players from around the USA. Details and a schedule of events for the weekend are [...]

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