State & Regional Bee and Bowl Champions Now Eligible to Attend International History Olympiad

NHBB/IHBB has revised its policy regarding qualification to the International History Olympiad for students attending school in the USA. Effective immediately, all US students who won a state or regional tournament for either the National History Bee or the National History Bowl during the 2013-14 or 2014-15 school year are eligible to attend the 2015 International History Olympiad. As per the standard 2 year qualification rule, any US student [...]

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NHBBlog Debuts on New NHBB Website

Welcome to the new NHBBlog! This space will serve as a way for NHBB staff, and occasionally, other members of the NHBB community, to describe various aspects of our competitions and the work we do to organize them. As you can tell, one of the major things we work on with NHBB is our various websites. NHBB's new site has been a long time coming - the older version [...]

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October Update – New NHBB Tournament Sites and International History Olympiad Schedule

(San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – October 2, 2014) The National History Bee and Bowl staff has been busy securing tournament sites and dates around the USA for our fifth year of tournaments, set to begin on October 25. Between then and the end of March, we expect to hold somewhere between 100 and 120 standard high school level tournaments; so tournaments will continue to be scheduled over the [...]

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Welcome to the Fifth Year of The National History Bee and Bowl!

(Rhodes, Greece – August 26, 2014) Welcome to the fifth anniversary year of The National History Bee and Bowl! At the high school level, we’re gearing up for our biggest and best competition year to date. Aside from over 100 Regional and State level tournaments, at all of which you and your team can qualify for our National Championships, we’re going to be expanding the US History Bee, which [...]

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Happy Summer from NHBB!

NHBB Staff Member Bunnie Hadsall (Montreal – July 7, 2014) Happy summer from The National History Bee and Bowl! While this is our traditional “off-season”, everyone at NHBB is still hard at work preparing for next year’s competitions. We expect to have an update on the International History Olympiad, which will debut in July 2015, available by the end of the month – check for the [...]

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Congratulations to the 2014 National Quizbowl Award Winners!

(Hanoi, Vietnam – June 18, 2014) For the third successive year, The National History Bee and Bowl has been privileged to sponsor the National Quizbowl Awards, which were distributed at the National All Star Academic Tournament held in Columbus, OH on Sunday, June 15. These awards are given out to the best all-subject quizbowl players in the country, though performance at NHBB events is certainly taken into account. The [...]

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Congratulations to our new History Bee National Champions – Jonathan Leidenheimer of George Marshall High School (Falls Church, VA) and Daniel Yan of Farragut High School (Farragut, TN)!

National History Bee Varsity Champion Jonathan Leidenheimer (Washington, DC) The National History Bee has just concluded its fourth annual high school National Championships which were held on Sunday, April 27 in Arlington, VA. Over 330 students from as far away as Saipan took part in six rounds of preliminary and three rounds of playoff competition to determine our National Champions  – Jonathan Leidenheimer of George Marshall High [...]

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Congratulations to our new 2014 History Bowl National Champions!

(Washington, DC) The National History Bowl has just concluded its fourth annual National Championships, which were held on April 26-27 in Arlington, Virginia and at various host sites throughout the Washington, DC metro area. 216 teams from across the country competed over 15 rounds of competition. The champions in the Varsity division were the Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy (LASA) of Austin, Texas. Coached by Jason Flowers, the team [...]

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