Costs – 2020 International Academic Competitions – Online Varsity & Junior Varsity US National Championships

National History Bowl

$350 – Team of 3 or more players
$250 – Team of 2 players
$175 – Team of 1 player

Individual Events
$85 – National History Bee
$85 – US History Bee
$65 – National Science Bee
$65 – National Political Science Bee
$75 – US Geography Championships
$75 – International Geography Bee
$25 – National Sports and Entertainment History Bee
$15 – All Single-Subject Multiple Choice Exams

History Bowl Team Discounts (Only applicable to the first History Bowl team fee that a school / homeschool association registers)
-$75 per NHBB Varsity / Junior Varsity Regional or State tournament hosted (teams can also claim this if they had expected to host a tournament that was then cancelled)

Reader discounts: None formally available, though please contact if you are a coach or parent and would be interested in working as a reader and earning $10 per match read.