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Congratulations to IMSA A and B; champions of the 2015 Eastern Iowa History Bowl in the Varsity and JV Divisions respectively!

Our competition, which was held on Saturday, January 10 at Davenport Central High School featured 11 teams from three different states. In the final round, Illinois powerhouse IMSA A prevailed over a balanced Davenport squad. In the JV finals,  IMSA B defeated a strong showing from a representative of Nebraska Homeschools.

A big thank you to Michael Goodyear, Gail Henenger, and Davenport Central High School for hosting, and thanks to all of our readers and staffers as well. We hope to see everyone who qualified at our National Championships, and at our A set tournaments in Iowa and neighboring states!



January 10, 2015


1120 N Main St Davenport, IA

Question Set



Connor Teevens


Michael Goodyear


  • 1: Davenport Central A
  • 2: Davenport Central B *
  • 3: Pleasant Valley A
  • 4: Pleasant Valley B
  • 5: Pleasant Valley C *
  • 6: Beardstown
  • 7: Regina
  • 8: IMSA A
  • 9: IMSA B *
  • 10: Bettendorf
  • 11: Nebraska Homeschool *