International Academic Competitions is delighted to announce the start of its 2020-2021 competition season for the National History Bee and Bowl and an ever-expanding lineup of events for students across the USA! For the coming academic year, IAC has decided to proceed as if all 2020-2021 events will be held online. We are monitoring the public health situation closely, and will be more than happy to return to in-person tournaments should circumstances permit. In that eventuality, all online registrations would be exchanged for in-person event registrations or refunded.

With this in mind, we are proud to present our new online History Bowl Team vs. Team Leagues in the Fall, Winter, and Spring (played on C Set, B Set, and A Set).  Each of these leagues will feature Varsity, JV and Middle Divisions and will be played over the course of six weeks. There will also be the option for teams to play the rounds at their own convenience as part of a Team vs. Packet League and then see how they stack up against teams all over the country.

In conjunction with our team-focused offerings, IAC will host several Online Bee Leagues each season. In the Fall, these will feature a World History Bee, a US History Bee, and an International Geography Bee. These events will not only be the more accessible for students than ever before, but will allow us to offer more specialized Bees in the future and permit crossover with students across the Globe!

We will announce plans for the postponed 2020 Nationals by the end of September.

Thanks for your continued support as we hit Year 11, and best of luck to all competing students and teams at your 2020-2021 tournaments and competitions!