The National History Bee and Bowl and the US Geography Olympiad have extended their Nationals registration deadline through 11:59pm EDT on Monday, April 13. After this date, there is no guarantee that your registration will be accepted, especially for the National History Bowl, for which we will then begin looking for filler teams and wild card teams to round out the draw as needed. Note that this policy holds for the US History Bee, US Geography Olympiad, and National History Bee and Bowl. For the Lorenz Cup on April 23 and the National Sports and Entertainment Bee on April 24, we will continue to take registrations through at least 11:59 EDT on April 22 and April 23 respectively. Same day registrations may be possible for these, but please don’t count on it, and obviously at a certain point we will need to cut things off altogether. Note also that the hotel (Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA) group rate is only available through April 9 as well, and that there are very few rooms remaining for Thursday night.
Please register and book as soon as you can if you know you are coming and have not yet done so! Further details on the weekend, including how to book rooms, are available here. Everyone who has registered for Nationals will receive a series of informational emails beginning early next week (by Tuesday at the latest) with many further details. Please be on the lookout for these.

If you did not qualify the number of teams you wished (or any) but wish to attend Nationals, here is our policy on wild card, standby, and filler teams:

As NHBB Nationals qualification rules for Nationals are already relatively open compared to other national championships, we do not typically allow wild card bids except in the following extenuating circumstances for which we will consider allowing wild card teams into the draw:

-Your regional tournament was cancelled after you had registered (or had planned on attending and can confirm this) Note that due to various logistical hurdles that resulted in the postponement/rescheduling of multiple tournaments, a blanket wild card policy is in effect for Southern California teams this year as well.
-Some sort of extenuating circumstance (e.g. a medical emergency) presented itself during or before a competition that affected your team’s ability to qualify
-Your regional competition (i.e. the only one within a 90 minute drive) was scheduled for after March 21
-There was no regional competition in your area (though this does not apply to anyone receiving this email)

In these instances, we will entertain wild card applications, which should just take the form of an email to explaining the situation. Send these asap please!

Not to be confused with wild card teams are filler teams. Each division (Varsity and JV) needs exactly a multiple of 6 teams to function for the draw at Nationals. We will look for teams (who need not have qualified nor have competed at all at regionals/states) to round out the draw if needed. If you are interested in a filler team slot (these still cost the usual rate), let me know, and I will add it to the list. Priority will be given to teams that came close to qualifying, followed by teams who didn’t come close but who still competed, followed by teams who didn’t compete at Regionals at all. You will be notified as soon as possible after April 13 if slots are available. Send these asap please too!

Lastly, we will also need standby teams in the event a team drops. These teams usually pay a reduced rate, which is open for negotiation and can range from anywhere to almost the full price to nothing at all, depending on what degree of short notice they are contacted on. Standby teams do not need to have competed at all, but must be within 30 minutes of Arlington, VA on 7:30am on April 25. Again, please notify me by email if you are interested; those who contact me first will be given priority.

As always, contact with any Nationals related questions.