International Academic Competitions in partnership with our sponsors at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is pleased to announce the prizes (not including trophies, plaques, and the like) which will be on offer at our ninth annual Varsity & Junior Varsity National Championships for The National History Bee and Bowl, International Geography Bee and the US Geography Olympiad from April 26-28, 2019 in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC.

Once again, at our Varsity and Junior Varsity National Championships, with the exception of the US Geography Olympiad, prizing will take the form of partial or full scholarships to attend the 4th International History Olympiad (for the history events) and the 2nd International Geography Bee World Championships (for the International Geography Bee National Championships) both to be held in July 2020.

We are aware that the Olympiad and the IGB World Championships are both an amazing opportunity for students to compete against the best students in the world, and that they are not cheap. The discounts offered below are our way of encouraging the best history and geography students in the USA to attend.

Please download the list of prizes at the 2019 IAC Varsity and JV National Championships by clicking here.

Please note that the prizes on offer in 2019 are in most cases different from the prizes offered in past years. The way that prizing will work has also changed. Please review the policies below.

1. For the National History Bee and Bowl and the US History Bee, all credit must be used towards the 2020 International History Olympiad. For the International Geography Bee, all credit must be used towards the 2020 International Geography Bee World Championships. Note that per a policy change, we regret that seniors in high school this year will be ineligible to compete at these events in 2020, as competing students can no longer return after a year out of high school. No substitute prizes will be provided.

2. For the National History Bowl, “Team Member” is interpreted to mean students whose names are submitted on the final roster form for that team at the National Championships. Each student on the team may take the discount listed.

3. In contrast with prior years, prizes are now cumulative across events, including any prizes earned at the 2019 IAC Middle School and Elementary School National Championships (for eligible students), and at the 2020 IAC National Championships (both Varsity & Junior Varsity, and Middle School and Elementary School). Thus, for example, a player who in 2019 wins the US History Bee and the National History Bee, and comes in third place on a team in the National History Bowl, wins $1100 in discounted admission, and this may be combined with any discounts won in 2020.

4. If a student wins an amount greater than the total cost of the Olympiad or IGB World Championships, students do not receive the balance in cash or any other prize.

5. Credit is only valid for participating students, not for coaches, parents, or non-champion students from the school the winning teams attend.

6. For the US Geography Olympiad, the top four Varsity students at the 2019 National Championships receive $1500 in credit towards their travel and program expenses to attend the 2019 International Geography Olympiad (aka iGeo) in Hong Kong this summer. Students must compete at the 2019 iGeo to receive this prize. If students are unable to attend, no substitute prize will be provided, and the next highest ranking student at the 2019 USGO Varsity National Championships will be invited to join the team and receive this $1500 credit. Students and their families should anticipate needing to submit a further payment of $500-$1000 to cover the balance of expenses after the $1500 credit has been accounted for.
For the US Geography Olympiad Junior Varsity Division only (at the 2019 IAC Varsity and Junior Varsity National Championships), cash prizes will be provided to the top three students.