If you have any questions about the 2022 National Championships, please contact info@iacompetitions.com.

Qualification – 2022 Varsity & Junior Varsity National History Bee and Bowl National Championships

Both the National History Bee and National History Bowl will feature Varsity (open to all students, no age restrictions in the Bowl; only 11th and 12th graders in the Bee) and Junior Varsity (10th grade and under only) Divisions; the top half of teams competing at a Regional tournament site qualify for Nationals. Individuals qualify for the Bee through finishing in the top 50% of a Regional tournament site.

These counts are inclusive of # of teams and students and teams and students that are tied. As we are again featuring three separate question sets, students and teams have up to three chances to qualify – there is no difference for qualifying purposes as to whether a team qualifies off of an A set, B set, or C set league. If schools wish to qualify teams at more than one tournament, then all students must be different from one qualifying team to the next, with the exception of JV players who can help qualify a JV and a Varsity team separately at more than one tournament. On the other hand, the lineup of students that a school uses at Nationals can be entirely different than the one used to qualify. Nor is there a limit to team size at Nationals – a team of 20 or more students is permitted (for leagues, teams are capped at 6).

Please note that middle schoolers are welcome to come, either if they have outright qualified, or as part of the team from the public high school they would be expected to attend (but not magnet schools, even if they have received an admission offer), but the specific IAC National Championships for the Middle and Elementary School Divisions (for both the Bee and Bowl) will be held as a separate event.

Varsity and Junior Varsity teams can only apply for a wild card bid in extremely extenuating circumstances, though it’s fine for schools to switch their Nationals bid(s) in the National History Bowl from Varsity to Junior Varsity and vice versa.