Team Brad includes Larissa Kelly, Brad Rutter, and NHBB Executive Director, David Madden

Team Brad (Brad Rutter, Larissa Kelly, and NHBB Executive Director David Madden) won the Jeopardy! All Star Games tournament! David plans to use his winnings to further the growth and development of International Academic Competitions, the parent organization of the National History Bee and Bowl, the US Geography Olympiad, the International Geography Bee, and the US History Bee, among other competitions.

Original Post from February 20
The TV quiz show Jeopardy! is holding its first ever team tournament, the Jeopardy! All Star Games beginning on February 20 and David Madden, the founder and Executive Director of the National History Bee and Bowl and International Academic Competitions is taking part. David first competed on Jeopardy! in 2005, where he was a 19 day champion, a streak that ranks third in the show’s 35 year history with host Alex Trebek. David credits his appearances on the show to leading him to become involved in helping out with academic competitions, which ultimately culminated in the launch of NHBB in 2010, which was supported by Jeopardy! prize money. David will be competing in the All Star Games as part of Team Brad together with Guinness Book of World Records most successful quiz show contestant in history, Brad Rutter (who moderated at the first NHBB Nationals in 2011), and his college quiz bowl teammate, Larissa Kelly. See for more details on how the tournament will work.

The All Star Games tournament will run through Tuesday, March 5 – tune in to see how Team Brad fares! Other competitors in the tournament include Colby Burnett, a former National History Bee and Bowl coach at Fenwick High School in Illinois; one-day Jeopardy! winnings record holder Roger Craig, who has also moderated at NHBB Nationals; and Tournament of Champions winner Alex Jacob, who, like Brad and Roger, has also staffed Nationals. Jeopardy! success has also been a common theme among the International Academic Competitions staff. Our Middle and Elementary School Division Director, Jason Russell, won two shows in 1997; Tournament Coordinator Raynell Cooper was the 2011 Teen Tournament Champion; Tournament Coordinator Michael Borecki finished third in the 2016 Teen Tournament, and former Tournament Coordinator Niki Peters was second in the College Championships in 2016. Additionally, numerous past Jeopardy! Teen Tournament and College Championships contestants and champions have competed in NHBB as well. Are you interested in going on Jeopardy!? Consider waiting to take part in the regular shows, where you can win more shows in a row than in the College and Teen Tournaments, but if you pass the tryout tests and get a tape date in Culver City, CA, then feel free to email to ask David about advice on how to succeed on America’s Favorite Quiz Show!