Welcome to the new NHBBlog! This space will serve as a way for NHBB staff, and occasionally, other members of the NHBB community, to describe various aspects of our competitions and the work we do to organize them. As you can tell, one of the major things we work on with NHBB is our various websites. NHBB’s new site has been a long time coming – the older version of the site dates back to 2010. The older site was created by Josh Ma, a freshman at MIT at the time, who served as NHBB’s webmaster for the first two years. Since 2012, Danielle Hobeika, a freelance webmaster, graphic designer, and photographer has served as our webmaster, and she’s responsible for the cool new layout and web design you see here. Danielle first worked with NHBB’s Executive Director, David Madden, on a number of projects while David was living in Berlin in 2005. Mike Savarese, a friend of NHBB staff member, Bunnie Hadsall, also assisted with aspects of coding for the new website, especially regarding the registration forms and the map function.
On a day to day basis, David updates the site when teams register, Danielle uploads the stats, and Bunnie handles most of the social media posts. Bunnie, Danielle, and Mike also have created the new Middle School History Bowl website, while Danielle created the design for the International History Olympiad website over the past few months too. We thank everyone who’s been a part of our online overhaul, and hope that you enjoy the new features of the new sites! Please contact director@historybowl.com if you have any comments or suggestions about other features you’d like to see our websites incorporate, so that we can continue to improve our presence online.