Tournament Report

The National History Bee and Bowl held its 2020 Northern Pennsylvania History Bee and Bowl at Wyoming Area Secondary School in Exeter, PA on Saturday, February 1. Congratulations to our champions!

Varsity History Bowl: Parkland
Varsity History Bee: Srijan Sharma, Parkland

Thanks to the 5 teams who attended, and thanks as well to everyone who assisted with reading and scorekeeping throughout the day. Special thanks to Lisa Day, who coordinated the hosting arrangements at Wyoming Area, and directed the tournament!  We hope that all teams and students who attended will be able to join us at our upcoming A Set and B Set tournaments in the area.  We also look forward to welcoming all students and teams who qualified for our 2020 National Championships to Arlington, VA and Washington, DC on April 23-26, 2020. Also, all students who finished in the top 25% of the Bee in their division (in either prelims or after playoffs) or who were on a winning Bowl team qualify for the 2020 International History Olympiad! Thanks again for coming and for your continued support of our tournaments!

-2020 Northern Pennsylvania History Bee and Bowl Tournament Coordinator, Marshall Mullins