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Congratulations to Georgetown Day School A and Thomas Jefferson B for winning the 2015 Northern Virginia History Bowl in the Varsity and Junior Varsity Divisions! Likewise, congratulations to Tajin Rogers and Andrew Wang for winning the Varsity and Junior Varsity Northern Virginia History Bees respectively! Our competition was held on Monday, January 19 at Mount Vernon High School; many thanks to them and to Mr. Adam Smolinsky for handling the hosting arrangements for the event.

Thanks to all teams who attended, and to everyone who assisted with reading and scorekeeping throughout the day.

We hope that teams will be able to join us for our upcoming A-set tournament and that those who qualified will join us for our 2015 National Championships in late April in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA. Thanks for a great tournament!



January 19, 2015


8515 Old Mt Vernon Rd, Alexandria, VA 22309

Question Set



Raynell Cooper


Raynell Cooper


  • 1: Mount Vernon A
  • 2: Mount Vernon B
  • 3: Mount Vernon C
  • 4: Mount Vernon D
  • 5: Thomas Jefferson A
  • 6: Thomas Jefferson B *
  • 7: Howard
  • 8: Centennial *
  • 9: Georgetown Day A
  • 10: Georgetown Day B *
  • 11: Henderson
  • 12: Wakefield Country Day