The National History Bowl is also offered at the Middle School (though as of 2018-2019, not yet at the Elementary School) level. Elementary Schools are welcome to compete in the Middle School Division, though.  The National History Bowl Middle School National Championships is then held in June each year in conjunction with our other Middle School and Elementary School National Championships. Teams can qualify for Middle School History Bowl Nationals if they have qualified at a regional tournament in either the Junior Varsity or Middle School Divisions or if their school / homeschool association has at least 2 students competing in the History Bee at Nationals, or by submitting a wild card bid that is accepted (please email for further details here).

The National History Bowl offers a competition for teams at the Middle School level in the form of the Middle School History Bowl. At the regional level, National History Bowl tournaments are held in conjunction with certain Varsity and Junior Varsity National History Bowl tournaments; a list of these is maintained here. Note though that at all regional History Bowl tournaments, Middle Schoolers are always welcome to compete in the Junior Varsity division.

Any student or students from the same school who have qualified for the Middle School National History Bee National Championships may form a team and register to play in the National History Bowl at the Middle School National Championships. Teams may also qualify for the National History Bowl Middle School National Championships by finishing with a .500 winning percentage or winning a playoff game at any regional History Bowl in the Middle School Division. While there is no separate Elementary School Division as of 2018-2019 academic year in the National History Bowl, elementary school students are welcome to compete in the National History Bowl Middle School Division, either on a team composed of students from their school or at the public non-magnet middle school they would attend under normal circumstances. Private schools with students in grades 5 and younger which also have an attached middle school may also include their younger students to field a team.

If a regional tournament has a dedicated Middle School division, Middle School teams are still welcome to participate in the Junior Varsity division rather than playing in the Middle School division. By playing in the JV division, teams can qualify to attend the Junior Varsity National History Bowl National Championships.

Middle School students are also welcome to compete in the History Bowl on teams with students at higher grade levels from the same school. They may also compete for non-magnet public schools (or otherwise selective) if they attend a Middle School that feeds into that non-magnet public school. Middle Schoolers wishing to play with older students at a private school must attend the same school.

For further questions about the Middle School History Bowl, please contact us at