Beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year, the National Political Science Bee is a competition promoting excellence and achievement in civics education for students across the USA.  The National Political Science Bee fills a much-needed niche in the academic competition landscape, as an understanding of domestic and foreign politics, current events, international relations, political theory and related fields are essential to students becoming informed and empowered citizens of their country who are able to work for good across their communities, nation, and world.

The National Political Science Bee consists of National Qualifying Exams, (there are 3 versions of these, one given at A, B, and C Set tournaments respectively), or they can be ordered to take with a teacher or community volunteer as a proctor. Those who score above the National Median Scores on each version of the National Qualifying Exam for each age division (i.e. Varsity and Junior Varsity), or who finish in the top 50% of students in their age division taking the exam at their tournament site, qualify for the National Championships. Full details on the NPSB are available on its website at

In presenting the National Political Science Bee, IAC is partnering both with its long-time sponsor, publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as well as with Presidential Classroom, which for decades has supported civics education programs in and around Washington, DC.

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