International Academic Competitions actively encourages all players and teams to compete in all-subject quiz bowl tournaments. With virtually no exceptions, the top NHBB players each year compete as frequently as they can in all-subject quizbowl tournaments as well. Competing in these tournaments is not only enjoyable in its own right, but also great practice for NHBB events. In a typical all-subject tournament, roughly 2/3 of the questions that are asked would not feel out of place at an NHBB tournament either (the other 1/3 or so encompass science, mathematics, literature and arts questions that don’t focus on historical context, current popular culture, etc.).

The best place to learn more about quiz bowl tournaments is on the quiz bowl forums at: See also the other following sites for more information on quiz bowl tournaments, including lists of upcoming events, study resources, and more:

US Academic Bee and Bowl (Middle School and Elementary levels only)

National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) – (tens of thousands of past quiz bowl questions)