Since 2013, NHBB has organized the United States History Bee, a high school-level competition focusing on American history. The USHB is a separate and distinct competition from the National History Bee- students are welcome to compete in both. The USHB features a Varsity division for 11th and 12th graders, and a Junior Varsity division for students in 10th grade and younger, which is also open to middle school students. See for further details.

The USHB regional stage consists of National Qualifying Exams which can taken online, but are more commonly taken at National History Bee and Bowl high school-level state and regional tournaments. The NQE is offered during the lunch break at all-day events, or during the check-in period at afterschool events. Students can also qualify for the USHB National Championships by either finishing in the top half of students in their division at the site where they take the NQE, or by finishing above the National Median Score for their version of the NQE. There are 3 separate versions of the NQE – these correspond to the different sets offered at the NHBB high school-level tournament sites where the NQE is given. Students can take all 3 exams, but only need to qualify once.

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