*QNSAO stands for “question number that student advanced on”

Qualifies for Nationals
State or Regional Bee Finalist
State or Regional Bee Winner

Varsity Division

Name School Grade Status
Charley Ault Cumberland 11 Champion
Arun Doogar Centennial 12 Second Place
David Reamer Dwight Township 12
Nina Hopkins Centennial 12
David Fischer Centennial 11
Brie Williams Centennial ?
Ben Sporleder Effingham 12
Kayvon Emtiaz East Peoria 12
Alex Cairncross East Peoria 12
Ben Bruce East Peoria 11

Note: We’re not quite sure what happened here, but Nationals qualifiers and top students are accurate.

JV Division

Name School Grade Status
Adam Tsung Carbondale 9 Champion
Alex Metz Carbondale 9 Second Place
Patrick Minsker Centennial 9
Daniel Olsen Centennial ?
Nathan Stratton Centennial ?
Jarrett Leuck Centennial ?
Roxanne Norrell Centennial 10