*QNSAO stands for “question number that student advanced on”

Qualifies for Nationals
State or Regional Bee Finalist
State or Regional Bee Winner

Combined Division

Name School Grade Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Rd. 3 Total Rd. 1 Finals Total Rd. 2 Finals Total Status
Tim Morrison Champion
Matthew Robbins Phillips Exeter 10 Runner Up
Dody Eid Nashua South 11 Rd. 2 Finalist
Nate Foster Portsmouth Christian 12 Rd. 2 Finalist
Jeff Steiner Rd. 2 Finalist
Conner Foley Rd. 1 Finalist
Christian Mayoral Portsmouth Christian 12 Rd. 1 Finalist
Felix Herron Hanover 11 Rd. 1 Finalist
Liam Abbate Hanover 10 Rd. 1 Finalist
Dan Mulligan Merrimack 12 Rd. 1 Finalist

Note: Statistics were not returned for this tournament, so this may not be a full listing of Nationals qualifiers. Students who attended this tournament who are interested in attending Nationals should contact director@historybowl.com to discuss possible wild card bids.