Registration for the National History Bee will begin on October 13 for schools attending our first tournament on November 20 in Westchester County, New York. Registration will open for all other schools and all other state tournaments on November 10. Here, teachers and administrators will be able to register student teams for the State History Bees. Please note the following guidelines for registration:

1. Teachers and administrators must provide a valid school-based email address or be willing to confirm their identity through a brief phone call at the school where they work. Each school must designate ONE official contact person. This can be a teacher, administrator, or academic team coach, but cannot be a parent unless that parent works at the school or if your students are homeschooled.
2. Registration is only available online through this site.
3. Payment may be made via check (made payable to “National History Bee and Bowl”) or cash the day of the tournament. Please DO NOT send payment less than a week before the tournament, just bring the check or cash to the tournament. All payments must be received before the start of play at the State tournament in which your school is competing begins. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
4. For any questions pertaining to registration matters, contact the Tournament Coordinator for the State Bowl you are planning on attending. A list of Tournament Coordinators and their emails can be found here.
5. Registration does not close for any Intramural Bee until 5pm ten days before the final State-level Bee in March 2011, as the Intramural Bees do not funnel into any one particular State-level Bee.
6. Registration for the State-level Bees will close at 8pm Eastern time the Wednesday prior to each individual tournament. Schools must designate which one tournament they will be primarily competing in. Thus the Intramural Bees must be completed by this time for ALL of the students in your school, even if one or two cannot make the tournament with your team.
7. If a student at your school wishes to compete in a State Bee, but cannot attend the one that the other students in your school are attending, that student CAN attend a different State Bee, provided that student qualified as one of the top six students in your school’s Intramural Bee, but the State Bee the students attends MUST use an entirely different set of questions than the Bee your other students attended. Their Intramural Bee MUST also be completed by 8pm Eastern on the Wednesday before the primary tournament your school is attending.