Welcome to the Information page for our Regional & State Varsity and JV tournaments for the National History Bee & Bowl, the US Geography Championships/Intl. Geography Bee, the National Political Science Bee, the US History Bee, and the National Science Bee!

If you have trouble accessing or filling out the registration form, please email hs-info@iacompetitions.com and indicate which tournament you wish to register for. We’ll then email you and ask you to provide the information by email instead.

Preregistration Varsity & JV Regional/State tournament prices(at least 12 days ahead of the event) for the 2022-2023 academic year are:
$95 – National History Bowl team of 3-6 students
$75 – National History Bowl team of 2 students
$55 – National History Bowl team of 1 student
$20 – National History Bee student
$10 – US History Bee National Qualifying Exam student
$10 – National Political Science Bee National Qualifying Exam student
$10 – US Geography Championships & International Geography Bee National Qualifying Exam student
$10 – National Science Bee National Qualifying Exam student
-$10 off for bringing a buzzer system

Preregistration prices include a 4% online processing fee. If you wish to preregister and pay by check or cash, it will be subject to a 10% surcharge, rounded down to the nearest dollar.

Penalty fees for not having a reader, registering after the initial deadline, and withdrawing from a tournament are described in the policies below. Please note that registration and participation in International Academic Competitions implies the acceptance of the following policies, especially the updates for 2022-2023 listed below! In particular, please note our policy on signing up with sufficient lead time in advance of tournaments and the requirement to bring a reader or readers:

Late Registration

A. Registration for History Bowl teams (regardless of team size) are subject to an additional $20 per team penalty if made after 8pm Eastern time 12 days in advance of a tournament (i.e. to avoid this penalty, you need to register by the 8pm Eastern time by the second Monday before a Saturday tournament). History Bee players that register less than 12 days in advance will pay an extra $5, making their registration $25.

B. Preregistration closes at 8pm Eastern time the Monday night before the tournament. At that point, teams can no longer register, and individuals that still want to register for the Bee or National Qualifying Exams must pay onsite. Registration for the Bee is $30 onsite, and NQEs are $15 onsite.

C. There is also a $30 fee, regardless of team size, for not bringing a registered team if the cancellation occurs after 8pm Eastern time 5 days in advance (i.e. at that time on the Monday of the week before a Saturday tournament); if this means a team no longer can attend, the fee must be paid prior to the next IAC event they do attend.

D. There is no penalty for dropping in team size (e.g. from 3 students @ $95 to 2 students @ $75) at any point.

E. Prior registration for the Bowl is REQUIRED. The National History Bee and the four National Qualifying Exams still do not require advance registration(though recommended), permit same-day sign-ups, and have no cancellation fees.

F. Schools are required to bring at least one coach/parent/other adult in order to read and keep score or pay a $95 penalty fee. If you do not indicate this when you sign up, and we only find out about it on the day of the tournament, or if you drop your reader within 5 days in advance, there is an additional $50 penalty on top of this per missing reader!
These penalty fees are used to then go hire additional readers for the tournament. Schools must bring one reader for every one or two teams they bring, with a minimum of one reader per school. Schools bringing three or four teams must bring two readers/scorekeepers; schools bringing five or six teams must bring three readers/scorekeepers, etc. This also applies to the host school! Penalty fees are assessed by school, but vary by number of teams; i.e. a school with 3 teams and no reader pays $190 in penalty fees. Please do not make us have to enforce this rule! Note that “teams” of 1 student are exempt from having to bring a reader, and teams of 2 may be able to have this fee waived, but only if they email the Tournament Coordinator at least 5 days in advance, and the Tournament Coordinator explicitly allows it. Teams of 2 students should plan on bringing a reader or paying the penalty fee as well.

G. You do not have to have your rosters finalized, nor do you have to specify which students are participating in the National History Bee or the National Qualifying Exams until the morning of the tournament.

H. Teams do not need official school approval and are permitted to register using a pseudonym if this would help facilitate their participation. However, all teams must consist of students from the same school, even if the school is not sponsoring the team. The only exceptions to this are 1) our homeschool policy and 2) non-magnet and non-selective public high schools may have students from their feeder middle schools play together with their students on a team.

I. Registration for the Bowl will not be accepted via email or any other means; all Bowl teams must register online.

J. An official invoice and confirmation will be emailed to you upon submission.

K. To register, payment must be made either via check (made payable to “International Academic Competitions”) or cash the day of the tournament OR by credit/debit card at the time of registration. We do not accept payments sent by mail in advance of any regional/state tournament!

L. You may write one check to cover all fees for all competitions at a given tournament. Checks should be made payable to “International Academic Competitions”.

M. For any questions pertaining to registration matters, contact Marshall Mullins (hs-info@iacompetitions.com).

N. No team is ever turned away at a tournament for lack of payment, but if payment is then not received at the tournament(or paid by the tournament date in the case of credit/debit cards), a $30 surcharge is added to any fees due. If the full payment, including the $30 surcharge is then not received by the Monday 8 days following the tournament (if on Saturday; if on another day, count 8 days as needed), an additional $30 is added, and students/teams will not be allowed to play again before the full fees plus the $60 combined surcharge is paid.