IAC is pleased to announce the launch of the 2020 IAC Online Global Summer League Bee Competitions, a set of three competitions for students to compete in late July and August.

For the first time ever, students from our US, Canadian, European, African, and Asian divisions will have the opportunity to compete against one another using our newly developed online buzzer system.

1. Global History Bee
Registration has closed for the History Bee.   For a full list of competing students go to this page.
2. Global Geography Bee
Registration has closed for the Geography Bee.   For a full list of competing students go to this page.
3. Global Science Bee
Registration has closed for the Science Bee.   For a full list of competing students go to this page.
Eligibility (Please Read in Full!)
In order to compete in these events, you must be 19 years or younger at the time of the competitions. You must also be enrolled in a primary or secondary school or be planning on homeschooling for the 2020-2021 academic year. Anyone who graduated high school (or homeschool equivalent) this spring is ineligible.
Also, because some of the questions being used in the Global Summer League are the same as some of the questions that were used at some (but not all) of the US Middle School and Elementary School National History Bee and National Science Bee Regional Finals, students who competed at the following sites are ineligible to compete in the Global Science Bee and Global History Bee:
1. Northern New England Regional Finals (held in Burlington, VT on Feb. 15)
2. Charlotte Regional Finals (held in Mooresboro, NC on Feb. 22)
3. Bridgeport Regional Finals (held in Bethel, CT on Feb. 29)
4. Indianapolis Regional Finals (held in Indianapolis, IN on Feb. 29)
5. Nashville Regional Finals (held in Franklin, TN on Feb. 29)
6. San Diego Regional Finals (held in San Diego, CA on Feb. 29)
7. Central Illinois Regional Finals (held in Champaign, IL on March 7)
8. Dallas Regional Finals (held in Dallas, TX on March 7)
Students who competed at other Regional Finals sites, or whose sites were cancelled can compete. However, all students are welcome to compete in the Global Geography Bee regardless of where they played (or if they didn’t at all) at the Regional Finals.  Anyone who has questions about eligibility for this competition please contact league@iacompetitions.com.


Age Divisions
Varsity: born in August 2004 or earlier
Junior Varsity: born between September 2004 and August 2006
Middle School: born in September 2006 or more recently


Registration Fee – $31.17 USD (includes $1.17 processing fee) per participant per competition
Payments can be made using Stripe (in the US) or Flywire (players outside the US) Players in the US may also pay by check; email league@iacompetitions.com if you need to pay this way.
Registration is now open. The deadline to register is 7 days before the date of each competition. Please use this form to register.
Top students in each event and division will be given medals, and all participants will receive a PDF Certificate of Participation with their names on it.
All questions should be directed to league@iacompetitions.com.
Students from 3 continents, 7 countries, and 21 US states have already signed up.   For a full list of competing students go to this page.