Welcome to the Registration page for The National History Bee – High School Division! Registration is now open for all tournaments for the 2013-2014 school year that have a finalized date. Please keep the following in mind:
1. Online Registration is NOT required for the Bee (it IS for The National History Bowl), but it is highly recommended.
2. When schools register students for the Bee, they do not have to specify which students will be competing; though they can if they so choose. Otherwise, schools just reserve a certain number of slots for their students.
3. Students whose schools do not register online can still compete in the Regional or State Bee if they show up before the beginning of the Bowl on the day of the tournament.
4. You can also add more slots or cancel slots at a later date.
5. Online registration for the Bee closes at 7pm Eastern two nights before the tournament.
6. Registering for the Bowl does not mean your students are registered for the Bee! If you are registering for the Bee online, you must register here even if you have already registered for the Regional or State History Bowl.
7. For all tournaments in the October 2013-March 2014 competition season, all payments MUST be made at the tournament site – we no longer are accepting payments sent by mail in advance!
8. IMPORTANT! For the 2013-14 school year, we are instituting a new set of policies regarding late fees. Please read them here! Registering and participating in our tournaments means that you have contractually accepted the late fee policy.

The cost to compete in the Regional or State History Bee at each site is $15 per student for both Varsity and JV students. This can be paid in cash the day of the tournament or it can be paid by check. Of course, each school should submit one check for all its participating students together, and this can also be combined with the check for participation in The National History Bowl, though two separate checks can be submitted as well, if you prefer. Payment must be made via check (made payable to “National History Bee and Bowl”) or cash the day of the tournament.

For any further questions, please email the Tournament Coordinator for the Regional or State Bee you wish to attend or Executive Director David Madden at: director@historybowl.com