“I love The National History Bee and Bowl because I always leave competitions with a notebook of interesting things I’ve learned that I want to look up when I get home. I get to compete against other students, who are equally passionate about not only the competitive aspect of NHBB tournaments, but who also consistently give support and encouragement when I get a good buzz and love talking about history even after the competition is over. The environment is always welcoming, yet always thought-provoking, even after three years of competition. Nothing beats the feeling of buzzing in when you hear a clue that you’ve just recently read about or learn about a fascinating event that you never knew occurred while listening to a particularly well-constructed tossup. There’s something in NHBB for any kind of person who enjoys the history of the world and has a bit of a competitive side to them.”

-Eric Xu, Western Albemarle High School, Charlottesville, VA
2014 National High School Quiz Bowl Player of the Year & 3rd Place at the 2014 National History Bee Varsity National Championships


“The National History Bee and Bowl provide the same excitement and teamwork experience as competitive sports, developing in players an appreciation for history and valuable skills for life. Typically, we keep academic excellence a secret and celebrate success in sports. Then we wonder why students love sports and are bored with school. The National History Bee and Bowl recognizes academic excellence and generates excitement for the study of history. In recent years, schools have focused on preparing students to be future employees, but have forgotten their role in the Jeffersonian ideal of preparing future citizens. By inspiring the study of history, The National History Bee and Bowl helps students gain an appreciation for the lessons of history that will help us navigate the great social opportunities and risks created by technological innovation. Many students believe that choosing what kind of student they want to be is making a choice between learning and fun. The National History Bee and Bowl prove that learning is fun. As I watch my students participate, I am impressed by their increasing knowledge of history and their growing tactical skills. However, I am more impressed by their maturing leadership, confidence, teamwork and organizational ability. These will be important attributes regardless of their choice of career.”

– Jay Wickliff, National History Bee and Bowl Coach at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA and former Corporate Vice President for Global Human Resources, Gerber Scientific, Inc.