Download the 2010-2011 National History Bee – State Bee Prelims Practice Packet

Download the 2010-2011 National History Bee – State Bee Finals Practice Packet

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The State Bee Preliminary Practice Packet features questions from all 5 different eras that the National History Bee uses to classify its questions (i.e. World History to 1899, US History to 1899, and Recent History since 1900). However, each of the 3 preliminary rounds at the State Bee will feature 35 questions solely from these 4 eras, with the first round featuring World History to 1899, the second round featuring US History to 1899, etc. The questions used at the State Bee Prelims are somewhat shorter than the questions used in the State Bee Finals, which also feature correspondingly more difficult information at the start of each question.

The format that will be used at the National Championships is still in development, but it will entirely feature pyramidal (i.e. longer questions with less familiar information at the start) questions with a greater degree of difficulty, particularly in the playoffs.  A practice round corresponding to the format that will be used there will be posted here well in advance of the National Championships (next April 17 in Washington DC).

Please also see the practice rounds for the National History Bowl here.