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The National History Bee and Bowl is pleased to announce that its 2019 San Diego History Bee and Bowl will be held at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, CA on Sunday, February 3.   **PLEASE NOTE that this tournament is no longer on Saturday, February 2!**   This tournament will run on our C Set of questions, and like all NHBB Varsity and Junior Varsity events, is open to all students, regardless of what state they are from, as long as they have not yet played this set of questions in the 2018-2019 academic year. To register, please visit this link.  For further information, please email the Tournament Coordinator at the address listed below. Thanks, and we look forward to welcoming you and your team to San Diego in February!

Note 1: During the lunch break, we will offer the National Qualifying Exams for the US Geography Olympiad / International Geography Bee (one exam serves to qualify students for the National Championships of both competitions) and the US History Bee. Both exams cost $10 and can be signed up for on the day of the tournament; pre-registration is not required.

Note 2: The schedule as listed below is considered tentative until registration opens, and thereafter, may still be subject to slight changes based on turnout until registration closes, at which point it will be confirmed. Students and teams looking for further guidance on the schedule should contact the Tournament Coordinator.

Tournament Report from the 2016-2017 academic year:

Varsity History Bowl: Arcadia A
Varsity History Bee: Arianne Crosby, Los Alamitos

Junior Varsity History Bowl: Canyon Crest Academy
Junior Varsity History Bee: Andrew Hoagland, Arcadia



February 03, 2019


San Diego, CA

Question Set



Marshall Mullins




  • 9:15
    Doors Open, Check-In Begins
  • 9:35
    Please Arrive By This Time!
  • 9:50
    Opening Meeting
  • 10:20
    History Bowl Round 1
  • 10:55
    History Bowl Round 2
  • 11:30
    History Bowl Round 3
  • 12:05
    Lunch / US Geography Olympiad / US History Bee Qualifying Exam
  • 1:00
    History Bee Opening Meeting
  • 1:20
    History Bee Round 1
  • 1:50
    History Bee Round 2
  • 2:15
    History Bee Round 3
  • 2:45
    History Bowl Round 4
  • 3:20
    History Bowl Round 5
  • 4:00
    History Bee Finals
  • 4:45
    History Bowl Round 6
  • 5:20
    History Bowl Round 7
  • 5:45


  • 1: Canyon Crest Academy A
  • 2: Canyon Crest Academy B
  • 3: Santana *