Please see the link to our Guide for New Schools, Students, and Teams which has valuable study tips and other information that can help you in your preparations. This has helpful information for everyone, including veteran players and schools too.

The above Study Guide can help you prepare for the National History Bee and Bowl, especially when used in conjunction with the past NHBB question sets available at

Click on Tournament 24 and 37 for samples of an A Set tournament
Click on Tournament 26 and 38 for samples of a B Set tournament
Click on Tournament 27 and 39 for samples of a C Set tournament
Click on Tournaments 20, 31, and 40 for samples of our National Championships.

More Resources

Notes from ACE Quizbowl Camp History Courses Taught by NHBB Executive Director, David Madden

  1. Ancient History
  2. 16-19th Century European Military History
  3. 20th Century Global Military History

Please note, these notes do not distinguish between basic, intermediate, and advanced material, an important distinction when preparing.