Dear National History Bee and Bowl, US Geography Olympiad, & US History Bee Participants, Coaches, Parents, and Advisers,

We’re just one week away from the big weekend in Arlington and Washington, DC and we wanted to check in with an update on some brief points before sending along a more extensive email which will go out on either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week with final details, including the all-important specifics on where you need to go for each stage of the tournament, and when you need to be there. As always, if you have any questions, please just let me know, and either one of my colleagues or I will get right back to you. Here then are some brief updates and reminders

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you did not get the first email (in most cases, this is because you registered after it went out) the full text of that email has been posted to our website here:

Please read it through in full!

1. Lorenz Cup

We’re still looking for some more teams or individual students to join us for the Lorenz Cup on Thursday evening. If you’ll be arriving at Nationals early and haven’t yet played our A Set of regionals questions, this is a great chance to get some practice as a team on a set of questions that is close in difficulty to your matches on Saturday. Also, if you’re not playing in the Bowl, but are coming for the US History Bee, US Geography Olympiad and/or the National History Bee, you’re welcome to compete in the Lorenz Cup on your own for $25 or with a friend from your school for $50. You can pay in cash at the hotel, and all proceeds go to charity. Note that if some of your students played A Set at regionals, but some did not, you’re allowed to form a team of those who didn’t play. All players on a team must attend the same school, though. Registration for the Lorenz Cup will stay open through Wednesday evening of next week at: – everyone who has signed up for it will receive an email early next week with further details.

  1. Survey Reminder
    If you or someone from your school has not yet filled out the pre-Nationals survey, please do so as soon as you can here.


  1. Buying Buzzers
    NHBB just placed the largest buzzer order in the history of quiz bowl (well, at least that we know of…) with 35 new systems being sent in time for Nationals. If you’d like to buy one of these off of us to take home with you when the tournament is done, we’ll sell them to you for $150. This is a deeply discounted price (typically, the price plus shipping runs about $250), and having a buzzer is really important for being able to practice effectively as a team. Plus, you get discounts at every NHBB tournament, and nearly all quizbowl tournaments for bringing a system. If you would like to order a buzzer system (or more than one if supplies are available), please let me know, and we’ll arrange for you to pay for it and pick it up when you leave Nationals. The buzzers in question are all 10 player Tabletop Officiator models made by – these are the most durable and easiest to set up model that exists. They’re also quite compact, and you can easily bring a set back in your hand luggage.


  1. US Geography Olympiad Update

Note: Please share with any of your students who are competing!

The US Geography Olympiad Exams are following a slightly different format this year than in past years. To clarify the format a bit, the first exam will be primarily based off of pictures (graphs, maps, photographs, etc.) while the second exam will be primarily text based. On both exams, there will be a higher emphasis on concepts in geography as opposed to the more fact-based approach of the quizbowl tournament. We’ve added some sample questions here: to help your students get a better sense of what we’re going for. Please be advised that 1) there will also be slightly less physical geography on the exams than in the distribution 2) the geographic distributions for questions that reference a specific geographic place will remain the same relative to each other, however the number of questions without a specific geographic tether will increase due to the nature of the question matter and 3) Although the website says that the first exam is modeled somewhat on the MultiMedia Exam at the International Geography Olympiad and the second exam is stylistically closer to the Human Geography AP Exam, these are rough guidelines. The sample questions are the best approximation for how things will look on Friday.


  1. Posted Sets

We have posted the National Qualifying Quiz Tournament Sets for the US History Bee and the US Geography Olympiad, as well as our C Set of Regionals Questions. The links to these are online at: for C Set for the US History Bee Set for the US Geography Olympiad Set


No further question sets will be posted prior to Nationals, though B and A Sets are available to scrimmage on at Nationals.


  1. Souvenirs

We will once again have souvenirs for sale at Nationals (T-shirts, Sweatshirts, small things, etc.) so it would be good to advise your students to have a bit of cash on hand to pay for things if they are interested.


  1. Standby Teams

If any students in the US History Bee / US Geography Olympiad / National History Bee who are not competing in the National History Bowl would be interested in competing in the History Bowl as a standby team (or if teams have enough students to form additional teams and haven’t already let me know), please contact me as soon as possible. We want to ensure a full draw, and though we currently have 4 standby teams lined up already, we can always use more.


  1. Sports and Entertainment Bee – OPEN TO COACHES AND PARENTS!

We’re happy to announce that we currently have 20 slots available in the National Sports and Entertainment History Bee for Parents, Coaches, and anyone else who is coming with your team who would like a chance to compete. The cost is $20 as usual – please register using the form at:

Registration will stay open through Thursday or until we hit 20 sign ups. We may increase that number but offer no promises at the moment.


  1. Next Email

The next email will go out on Tuesday evening or Wednesday and will contain the draw for the various events, and the important information on where you have to be when.

Thanks as always for reading through and best of luck this week with your preparations!