• Payer Information

  • (Include letter designation if registering multiple teams)
  • Please note that you will be playing on only one of these dates. IAC reserves the right to move teams from either the Novice or Expert divisions into one of the Standard Divisions in order to create field balance. Schools wishing to enter more than one team must play all their teams on the same day.
  • Moderator Info

    If you are applying for a moderator discount, please put the moderator contact information below. Note: Teams who receive a moderator discount will receive a refund of $8 per match read at the conclusion of League play.
  • Team Information

  • List all players and grade levels for the 2020-2021 school year. Example: John Smith, 12 Sam Jones, 11
  • Payment

  • All teams are required to pay the no-moderator cost up-front, and will be issued refunds for moderator discounts as appropriate following the conclusion of the League.
    Price: $103.20